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If you're looking to get away from it all for a weekend or just to enjoy your vacation, Môle & Brasses Tourisme is the perfect destination. Môle & Brasses tourism is the perfect destination to surprise you! A mountain territory with unspoilt nature, unforgettable landscapes and a wealth of activities.

You must see

Original, adventurous, family-friendly, gourmet... we promise that any trip to Môle & Brasses Tourisme will have its share of adventures! But to get your stay off to a good start, here's our to-do list of must-sees that you shouldn't miss under any circumstances!

Walk around the Mole's Lake

The Lac du Môle is a plain lake located between the communes of Ville-en-Sallaz and La Tour, in the department of Haute Savoie (74), in the Massif des Alpes, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Located in the Mont Blanc region, with an area of 11 hectares, in an idyllic, wild and protected setting, it is a paradise for nature lovers, hikers and fishermen. It has a remarkable fauna and flora with plants endemic to this mountainous region used for phytotherapy. The banks are lined with water lilies and provide a generous home for fish, frogs and herons. It offers a good density of carnivorous fish (pike, perch, black bass), white fish (bream, roach) and common carp. You can also find some nice trout.

Cross country skiing
Plaine Joux - Tour de la Pointe de Miribel

There are some nice single-tracks on the course. The ascent to the Pointe de Miribel is a way of the cross and offers a beautiful panorama but is done on foot. Access to the start: Between Bogève and Mégevette, at the car park of the Plaine Joux cross-country skiing centre.

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Remains of Faucigny castle

Discover the history of this family in an original way during theatrical summer tours during which you will put yourself in the shoes of a knight and then attend a medieval spectacle with a pageant troop.

Meulières de Vouan

You can still see today, where the millstones were extracted, large round holes of about 2 m high in the rock. The two most important are known : the big mouth (or fairy grotto , or large millstone ) ; and the grit to Vachat on the cliff overlooking " The cad to the dead." The Vouan , small mass of 978 m, was also crossed by smugglers path . It was mostly the land of fairies and run many legends about them. one in particular is said that it can meet a girl giving leaves turn to gold . Visits are organized by PAYSALP for groups all year round. Information and reservations:

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Pointe des Brasses, view of the Mont-Blanc

Môle Lake


Hiking track - Le Môle

The hike begins on the parking lot of the refreshment room. Take the path which rises in laces in the forest. At the first crossing, continueacross until the second crossing indicating "The Plan Meulet" on the left and take this direction. Follow the way which winds in the forest up to the high mountain pastures of "Plan Meulet". Follow the path on the crests which leaves to the right. The summit is not still visible but take time to observe the magnificent view of the valley which opens in front of you. Continue to the top of the Mole, don't hesitate to go to the cross. The descent is made by the Small Mole and the Locality "La Ladère" then the Locality "La Ravire". The following of the descent is then made by a long and wide way of track.

Yoga hike

Our best hikes

Something for everyone! Easy or difficult hikes, in the woods or on the ridges, here's a selection of our best walks.

Cultural activities

Môle & Brasses Toursime is also an area full of stories and secrets just waiting to be discovered! Dive into the heart of our past through several centuries of history, where objects and anecdotes are waiting to be discovered.

Cuisine and local produce

Discover our cuisine and the land that makes us proud!

The Epougnes

Epougnes are a leavened dough-based speciality which, enhanced with butter, eggs and sugar, resembles a sourdough brioche, often worked into a crown. Traditionally, epougnes were baked every year in February for the Saint-Blaise fair, patron saint of the Viuz-en-Sallaz church.
Each family has its own personalized version of the recipe...

Les bescoins

Savoyard brioches, spiced up with green anise and colored with saffron, gourmet and original. It's such a deep-rooted local tradition that La Maison des Douceurs, the bakery in Onnion, bequeathed the bescoins recipe along with the bakery walls when it changed hands.
Traditionally eaten for breakfast, here we prefer to vary the pleasures. For example, it's eaten on toast with goat's cheese and honey. If you're more of a traditionalist, then the custom is to leave the bescoin to stale, before eating it buttered or spread with jam and dipped in a hot drink.


If you haven't tried them yet, you've at least heard of rissoles, or "rézules" in French dialect, these little turnovers filled with pear or apple compote, jam, or sometimes even a savory filling. Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth and comforting, rissoles can be eaten all year round, but are a real must-have for the end-of-year festivities throughout Haute Savoie.
Rissole tastings often grace Christmas markets. A "r'zules competition" was even organized for the first time at Viuz-en-Sallaz in 2021.

Tom'Ly® to melt your heart!

Inspired by the traditional reblochons en croûte from Haute-Savoie, the Tom'Ly is a fuller, even more gourmet version, made in Viuz-en-Sallaz! It's a pure invention of the chef's, born on a day of confinement! Forced to close his restaurant during long months of confinement, Yoann Boiteux, chef of La Table d'Emilie, found himself working as a home cook for his wife and 2 children. To satisfy his most demanding customers, he has to innovate.
Prepared in the style of a pie, he wraps a delicious, melting heart of farmhouse reblochon, potatoes, grilled onions, country bacon and cured mountain ham in a gourmet puff pastry... all sprinkled with a touch of perlimpinpin powder and BIM, you've got the Tom'Ly®!
The little extra that makes all the difference: all the products used come from local producers, including Reblochon from the Jourdil farm in Bogève. Thanks to its success, it's now a registered trademark, and it's only in Viuz-en-Sallaz!

Our region

Before becoming a tourist destination, Môle & Brasses Tourisme was a mid-mountain living area where peasant farming still flourishes.
Boosted by its proximity to Switzerland, it is known and recognized for its 3 emblematic sites: the Les Brasses resort, the Plaine Joux plateau and the start of Le Môle, which each year welcome beginners to downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking and trail running. The range of activities is as varied in winter as it is in summer, but also in spring and autumn, with a multiplicity of service providers offering original activities: yoga hikes, bivouac hikes, stag belling, caving, ice-water swimming...

The destination's little plus? Little-known sites such as Mont Vouan, whose famous millstones are listed as a historic monument. The region has the unique ability to abound in "little hidden treasures", as we say here.

As a local destination, the challenge is not just to attract visitors from outside the region or to attract new travellers. It's also about offering a tourism proposal to the local target group: helping the people who live in Môle & Brasses Tourisme to discover or rediscover the area. Let everyone meet once again the unspoilt nature and local producers that make the area so attractive.