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June 16, 2023
Patous, those big protective teddy bears.

These large white dogs of Pyrenean origin have been helping shepherds protect their flocks for a very long time. These dogs are an invaluable aid to shepherds and flock security. They are born and bred within the herd, and this proximity to the flock from an early age enables them to forge strong bonds with the other animals. Their relationship develops to the point of total and mutual acceptance. The dog then lives permanently with the herd, summering in the Alps and wintering on the farm. This bond conditions him to react instinctively to any intrusion against the herd. As a guard dog, he is completely autonomous and does not stay with the shepherd to gather. He accompanies the flock and watches over it day and night. To exercise his vigilance, he creates a protective zone around the herd, ready to ward off any intruder: wild animal, dog not on leash, walker, etc. To keep intruders away, he must dissuade them, but these dogs are not trained to attack. When they sense danger, these dogs interpose themselves between the intruder and the herd by barking. This sounds the alarm for both the herd and the shepherd, but above all it's a warning to the intruder of his presence.

June 16, 2023
Bicycle welcome label

Since March 2021, the Môle et brasses tourist office has received the "accueil vélo" label. This label is a national mark that guarantees cyclists a quality welcome and services along cycle routes. If you're a touring cyclist, this is great news for you: you'll be warmly welcomed! To find us, all you have to do is visit our website, where we'll be identified by a dark green pictogram, along with the other "accueil vélo" partners. If you're a cyclist, this label is your guarantee of finding a place less than 5km from a cycle path, but also a place with facilities adapted to cyclists (secure bike shelter, repair kit, etc.). You'll also benefit from a warm welcome with recommendations, practical advice or advice on routes, weather, etc. Finally, it's also a place where you can find services dedicated to travelers by bike. So if you're a bike traveler and you're passing through our beautiful region with its mythical passes (Col de Cou, Col de Feu, Col de la Ramaz) don't hesitate to push open the doors of the tourist office. We'll be delighted to welcome you!

January 9, 2023

After having taught for more than 10 years in the ranks of the ESF des Brasses, he is starting out on his own this year, in order to facilitate the management of his double activity of guide and instructor. In association with his long-time friend Théophile Morton, himself a guide and cross-country ski instructor, he will be offering his activities this year via the Sports Loisirs Animation structure. Among the many outings guided by Luc, the "Sport dating" outings are the talk of the town! The "Sport dating" evenings are proposed by Luc and his partner, Pauline, for singles looking for a date. Unlike "speed dating", they offer singles the opportunity to meet each other during sports evenings, with an aperitif by headlamp and a meal to share, to better meet each other. And if love is not found during this walk, perhaps a friendship is born or simply a good moment shared!

September 27, 2021
Môle et Brasses: Haute-Savoie secrets and exceptional experiences

A few months ago, we welcomed blogger Itinera Magica and photographer Foehn Photographie to Môle & Brasses Tourisme. Over the course of three days, they discovered our destination and its many hidden treasures: discovering the edible plants of the Plaine Joux Plateau, immersing themselves in nature with a bivouac experience in a hammock, learning to climb "en tête" at Rocher Blanc, tasting Tom'Ly, the reblochon en croute made in Viuz-en-Sallaz, taking a guided tour of the historic millstone site of Mont Vouan, with Paysalp... and many other treasures of our destination. Find out more about Itinera Magica's shared experience here.