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Whether you're a history buff, art lover or simply curious about the secrets of farm life, we've got you covered with a unique experience.
On this page you'll find a carefully curated selection of cultural tours that will take you on a journey through local heritage and regional traditions. From visits to museums and historic sites to artisan workshops and farm tours, each experience will plunge you into the heart of our region's history and creativity.

Cultural visits

Farms to visit

Helixa la ferme aux escargots

The snail farm offers guided tours, tastings, sales and farmers' markets all year round.

Activities are also available for children.
Don't hesitate to spend a pleasant moment with friends or family at the snail farm!

Chèvrerie des Barrettes - Attend milking!

Anne, a farmer who raises around 60 Savoy goats, shares her passion for the profession with visitors by offering you the chance to watch her goats being milked in the alpine pastures of Plaine Joux.

On request only!
It's an opportunity to spend a pleasant and instructive moment in the alpine chalet, petting the goats and watching them being milked. You can find all his cheeses at the farm in the village or at the markets:

  • Onnion on Saturday mornings,
  • Viuz-en-Sallaz on Monday mornings,
  • Thonon-les-Bains on Thursday mornings.

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