Zen Attitude

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130 Route Chez Pilloux, 74250, Fillinges
All year round.


Kinesiology Cabinet, naturopathy, massage, reiki, lympho-drainage energy in a cocoon atmosphere, away from stress ...
Thanks to the association of emotional and energetic liberation techniques, and a global approach, you reconnect with your resources and potentials in a healthy, natural and progressive way. Thus you find a better management of your emotions, you find energy and harmony, and walk towards better being at the physical, mental, emotional level. I also support you in home psychology and decoration coaching to make your place of life a place of healing in harmony with yourself. Adults, Teens, Children (video or office sessions) Reiki, Access bars, Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Home psychology. Ex: Stress, Anxiety, Burn out, Phobia, Tobacco, Weight, Insomnia, Concentration, Learning, Confidence, Divorce, Sickness and bereavement support, Enuresis, Procreation ...